Available services
-Physical evaluation.    
-Training program planning.   
-Private or group training with symptomatic and -asymptomatic populations.   
-Exercise counseling.   
​Postural rehabilitation by exercise.


Kinesiologist B.Sc.

University of Montreal

The concept

The kinesiologist is the health professional and exercise specialist who is using movement as a mean of prevention, treatment and performance.

Fitness evaluation: 75$

Express (3 months):
1 x week / 2 x week / 3 x week

Extra (6 months):
1 x week / 2 x week / 3 x week

Advantage (11 months):
1 x week / 2 x week / 3 x week

* Regressive rate: with more sessions and contract duration the cost per session

* Other packages available
* Rates will be presented upon request

The Kinesiologist

5200 Verdun Street, Verdun, Montreal  |  514.638.2392  |  info@kinesissante.com

Services and rates
Lean Body Mass    
Body Fat Mass    
Current Total Body Water    
Segmental Lean Mass
Basal Metabolic Rate
Body Mass Index(BMI)
Percent Body Fat

Julien D'Alessio

Kinesiologist B.Sc.

Founder of Kinesis Santé

​University of Montreal

​Kinesis Santé has a few similarities with a private clinic except the very popular waiting room. Mainly, we are doing very specific fitness evaluations, training sessions, we are giving tips on nutrition, physical activity and we are prescribing exercises for various health conditions. The majority of your sessions at Kinesis Santé are planned as appointments with your kinesiologist.  This method can greatly simplify the integration of your day to day sessions and gives you access to an ideal environment because we keep traffic to a low level in your training periods. Kinesis Santé offers you a top quality service, sessions focusing on the fun of exercising and a personalized way to reach your training and health goals such as: 
Weight loss - Postural rehabilitation - Improvement in your cardiovascular and muscular capacity - Running club - General fitness - Nutrition counseling 

Fitness evaluation

​This step is crucial for the kinesiologist work because it identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the physical condition of a person. Based on the results of the evaluation, the kinesiologist will be able to develop a training program adapted on the personal goals of the client. At Kinesis we use advanced technology to offer customers the best possible monitoring. A bioimpedeance machine, InBody 520, is used to assess body composition. Cardiovascular and muscular tests are then administered.

Private training:
​You have weekly fixed appointments of an hour with the kinesiologist. This training method is superior for those who want to reach their goals within a shorter amount of time and with more technical and motivational support.